Ryan E. Mackenzie is a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and is in his seventh term representing the 187th Legislative District (parts of Lehigh County).

Pennsylvania House of Representatives
As state representative, Ryan has served on the following House standing committees and in other capacities:

• 2021-22: Consumer Affairs; Environmental Resources and Energy; Labor and Industry; State Government (Campaign Finance and Elections Subcommittee chair); Government Oversight (chair); Economic Recovery Task Force (Workforce Development Subcommittee chair); Deputy Majority Whip.
• 2019-20: Commerce (Financial Service and Banking subcommittee); Consumer Affairs; Environmental Resources and Energy; Labor and Industry (vice chair); Deputy Majority Whip.
• 2017-18: Commerce; Environmental Resources and Energy; Insurance; Labor and Industry; Majority Policy Committee (deputy chair); Deputy Majority Whip.
• 2015-16: Commerce (secretary); Environmental Resources and Energy (secretary); Gaming Oversight; Labor and Industry (vice chair).
• 2013-14: Commerce; Gaming Oversight; Labor and Industry (vice chair); Tourism and Recreational Development.
• 2012: Commerce; Gaming Oversight; Tourism and Recreational Development; Urban Affairs.

In addition, Ryan has been appointed to represent the House on the Pennsylvania Workforce Development Board, the Pennsylvania Economic Development Financing Authority and the Recycling Fund Advisory Committee.

Ryan is a strong advocate for what he sees as the most important issues facing Pennsylvania: creating jobs, protecting taxpayers, strengthening education, and reforming government. He has successfully passed legislation in these areas, and will continue to fight for these causes.

Legislative Accomplishments
Within six months of taking office, Ryan introduced and passed his first piece of legislation. That bill (now Act 169 of 2012) streamlined government operations and reduced unnecessary regulations. Ryan went on to become the prime sponsor of legislation that was hailed as the “most significant tax reform in 20 years” by the Pennsylvania CPA Journal. This legislation (now Act 52 of 2013) made numerous changes to the tax code that included closing corporate tax loopholes; reducing tax rates; and even eliminating the inheritance tax for small, family-owned businesses.

Ryan has also passed other pieces of legislation, including Act 129 of 2016 to improve banking industry regulations and strengthen consumer protections; Act 135 of 2016 Pennsylvania Startups for Soldiers, which waives state business filing fees for veterans and active duty service members to reward military service and promote entrepreneurship; and Act 4 of 2017 which directs emergency responders to take stoke victims to the nearest stroke center qualified to treat the severity and type of stroke occurring.

Other legislation to become law is Act 38 of 2017,  which puts measures in place to reduce fraud by local tax collectors; and Act 24 of 2018, which creates a state Maternal Mortality Review Committee to reduce the mortality rate of women and their babies through better identifying of pregnancy-related deaths, overseeing the review of these deaths, recommending actions to help prevent future deaths and publishing review results.

Act 2 of 2019, authorized the release of Project 70 restrictions on a parcel of land in the Borough of Topton, Berks County. Act 75 of 2019, requires employers in the construction industry to use the federal E-Verify system to ensure that their employees do not include individuals who are not authorized to work in the United States. Act 127 of 2020, ensured that advanced recycling and recovery technologies that convert post-use plastics into valuable raw materials are regulated as manufactures, and that the post-use plastics they recycle are not misclassified as solid waste.

His most recent legislation to become law is Act 70 of 2021, provides substantial updates to the Administrative Code by removing obsolete provisions relating to state agencies, increases transparency in state spending, strengthens lobbyist disclosure requirements, institutes dynamic scoring of major legislation, provides better notice from the Department of State requiring constitutional questions that will go before voters as ballot referendums, and brings Pennsylvania in line with federal law.

Early Career
Prior to being elected to office, Ryan served as the director of policy at the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry. In this senior management role, he worked on issues relating to unemployment compensation reform, workers’ comp insurance, the Uniform Construction Code, and workforce development. He was successful in leading the way on bipartisan efforts that saved Pennsylvania taxpayers $100 million by refinancing debt and will save an additional $400 million per year by implementing other reform measures. Ryan also represented the Department on the Board of the Team PA Foundation, the Environmental Quality Board, and the Pennsylvania Economic Development Financing Authority.

Ryan began his career by working on a number of political campaigns and earned his real estate sales license before entering public service and accepting a position at the U.S. Department of Labor. While there, he worked extensively on domestic and international assignments and gained a strong understanding of labor market dynamics.

Life and Education
Ryan is a ninth-generation resident of Pennsylvania, where his family has lived since colonial times. He graduated from Parkland High School, received his undergraduate degree in Finance and International Business from New York University, and earned his Master in Business Administration from Harvard Business School. Ryan has continued his education by completing programs for state government officials at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business and the University of Pennsylvania’s Fels Institute of Government.

Community Involvement
An active member of the local community, Ryan is involved in a number of charities and non-profit organizations. He currently serves on the board of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, the executive council of the Lehigh Career & Technical Institute, the community advisory committee of the Autism Resource Hub of Lehigh Valley, and is a board member of the AHEPA #60 Apartments that provide affordable housing for seniors.

Awards and Honors
Ryan has been recognized for his work domestically and internationally. He was named one of the 20 under 40 by the Council of State Governments and 40 Under 40 by both Lehigh Valley Business and City & State PA, was selected as a Toll Fellow by the Council of State Governments, and received the Guardian of Small Business Award from the National Federation of Independent Business. Additionally, he was named a Young Leader by the American Swiss Foundation; was selected to serve as a delegate to the Palestinian Territories, Israel, and Jordan by the American Council of Young Political Leaders; and has been named a fellow by the U.S. Japan Foundation, U.S. Japan Leadership Program, and the British-American Project.

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