Mar. 29, 2017

HARRISBURG – The Commonwealth Financing Authority today approved $121,566 in funding under the Pennsylvania Small Water and Sewer Fund for Topton Borough to make several sewer system upgrades, said Rep. Ryan Mackenzie (R-Lehigh/Berks).

The money will be used to line old clay pipe that makes up the borough’s gravity sewer collection system, and replace and repair five manholes. The total cost of the project is $456,205.

“This funding is sorely needed to make upgrades to the current sewer system that will extend the life of the infrastructure,” said Mackenzie. “By lining, instead of replacing, the older clay pipes, the borough is saving money that can be put to use in other needed areas. It is because of the necessity of the project, as well as the thoughtful approach to using the funds, that I advocated for this state grant.”

Representative Ryan Mackenzie
134th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
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