SATURDAY, MAY. 8 10 A.M. TO 1 P.M.
Lower Macungie Township Administration Building 3402 Brookside Road, Macungie

During the event, the public is invited to shred up to four boxes (10”x12.5”x16”) or equivalent (the approximate size of carry-on luggage) of sensitive documents per vehicle. The shredder event is for items that contain information such as bank account or Social Security numbers. Please do not bring old phone books, magazines, birthday cards, folders, newspapers, junk mail, etc., as these items can be recycled at the curb. You do not have to remove any staples or paper clips, but please take documents out of binders and notebooks.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the shredder events, we would like to remind residents that we will not begin accepting items for shredding before the start time, and we will limit each vehicle to four boxes/bags. This event is for residents only. No businesses, please. We ask that individuals stay in their vehicles and the boxes for shredding will be unloaded.
For more information, call my office at 610-965-9933.

Monthly Senior Day

My district office in the Lower Macungie Township Administration Building will be offering a Senior Day, by appointment, on the third Friday of every month. Senior citizens living on fixed incomes are facing a lot of financial challenges. My staff can assist seniors with applications or provide more information on any programs that may be available to them at no cost, to help ease some of the stress. Please do not think you need to pay a third party for assistance with these forms.

Monthly Veterans Assistance Hours
Veterans outreach hours are held on the second Friday of every month. Veterans in need of help are asked to contact the district office to schedule an appointment for assistance.