May. 10, 2021

By Rep. Ryan Mackenzie (R-Berks/Lehigh)
Twice a year, Pennsylvanians are subjected to adding unnecessary stress to our lives by changing our clocks between daylight saving time (DST) and standard time.

My Permanent Daylight Saving Time legislation, House Bill 335, allows Pennsylvania to follow DST year round if the Congress of the United States permits states to do so. Federal legislation has been introduced to allow states to follow Permanent Daylight Saving Time by a bipartisan group of United States Senators.

The Sunshine Protection Act, sponsored by 8 bipartisan United States Senators, looks to solidify DST as many states have already passed legislation to do so. If enacted, the Sunshine Protection Act would eliminate Standard Time, which is observed for 4 months of the year between November and March, unless otherwise previously exempt.

Currently, there are 15 other states across the nation that have successfully passed their own bills and that number may grow as additional states consider similar legislation. This legislation will allow Pennsylvanians to observe permanent DST all year long, without the hassle of having to switch their clocks.

Following DST has been shown to reduce car accidents, decrease strokes, lessen energy usage, and diminish obesity through greater physical activity.

With bipartisan support from my colleagues in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, this bill now awaits passage in the Pennsylvania State Senate.

Representative Ryan Mackenzie
134th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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717-260-6328 /