Feb. 16, 2018

In recent years, we have heard much debate and discussion regarding both term limits for elected officials and the Article V convention process for amending the U.S. Constitution.

Many people support term limits as a means for bringing fresh ideas and perspectives into legislative bodies and for giving voters more candidate choices over time. A number of resolutions introduced in the Pennsylvania General Assembly during this session and the previous session propose that the Commonwealth participate in an Article V convention call for various reforms at the federal level regarding term limits.

A number of states have already initiated a movement to impose term limits on U.S. senators and representatives through a term limits convention.

Under the Article V convention process, if two-thirds (34) of the states call for a convention for the sole purpose of amending the U.S. Constitution to propose term limits, then a term limits convention is called.

I believe this is an ideal mechanism for bringing term limits to Congress. That is why I have introduced House Resolution 647, which makes an application to Congress on behalf of the people of Pennsylvania to call for a constitutional convention on term limits. As with other Article V convention resolutions, when passed, this resolution will be a continuing call for a convention and will join with similar resolutions from other states.

Whatever comes out of the convention then must be approved by three-fourths (38) of all states to become law.

For more information about House Resolution 647 feel free to call my district office at (610) 965-9933 or email me at Rmackenzie@pahousegop.com.

Representative Ryan Mackenzie
134th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Tricia Lehman
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