Act 169 of 2012 - streamlined government operations and reduced unnecessary regulations by transferring inspection authority of parking meters to municipalities.

Act 52 of 2013 - made numerous changes to the tax code that included closing corporate tax loopholes; reducing tax rates; and even eliminating the inheritance tax for small, family-owned businesses.

Act 129 of 2016 - improved banking industry regulations and strengthened consumer protections.

Act 135 of 2016 - Pennsylvania Startups for Soldiers, waives state business filing fees for veterans and active duty service members to reward military service and promote entrepreneurship.

Act 4 of 2017 - directs emergency responders to take stroke victims to the nearest stroke center qualified to treat the severity and type of stroke occurring.

Act 38 of 2017 -  puts measures in place to reduce fraud by local tax collectors.

Act 24 of 2018 -  created the state Maternal Mortality Review Committee to reduce the mortality rate of women and their babies through better identifying of pregnancy-related deaths, overseeing the review of these deaths, recommending actions to help prevent future deaths and publishing review results.

Act 2 of 2019, allows the Borough of Topton and a private landowner to swap two parcels of land along Toad Creek. This already agreed-to land swap allows both property owners to more easily care for their land and also allows the borough to rebuild the deteriorating stream bed.

Act 75 of 2019 - known as the Construction Industry Employee Verification Act, it requires employers in the construction industry to use the federal E-Verify system to ensure that their employees don’t include individuals not authorized to work in the United States. 

Act 127 of 2020 – known as the Solid Waste Management Act, amends the act to classify post-use plastics as raw materials for manufacturing following the utilization of advanced recycling technologies.